Out on the Streets

Juxtaposed priorities on the side of a MUNI bus. San Francisco Mission Street, #14 route. Help the homeless find a home, support and offer hope. Rent apartments by the lake. Families squeezed by rising rents. Move on up to a bigger place. Can you imagine sleeping on cardboard, in a doorway, alone and in the cold? Terrified of what might come walking down the block. Move in day was a relief, now we have room to spread out. Day after day roaming the streets with all your belongings strapped to your back. Selling the Street Sheet if people stop to look. Buying more furniture to fill the new space. Planning a party to celebrate.We all need to live here, we all have that right. Some living indoors and safe from the night. Others must reckon on where to camp out. Two demographics, both are just folks. All are good neighbors, some more than most. It’s hard to chose sides but I know where I stand. Bewildered by progress and its mighty fist, wondering daily how the city came to this. One has the means to live a life nimbly, the other must scramble and make do. We all have each other, if we’d only look. Without food and shelter it’s hard to keep on. Some have been pushed out, while some just gave up. Tents under freeways become commonplace. Please try to remember we can’t have it all. With cars zooming by, how can one stay sane. If you see someone struggling, they are human just like you.Who knows how this song ends there may be a way. But I walk these streets daily and I can’t look away. I can’t hope these past years have all been a dream. Life isn’t a movie, look up from your screens. I have more to say but that’s it for now. Thankful to have the eyes to see. Under other circumstances, that guy could be me.