Have Camera, Will Photo 

I do a lot of street photography, primarily in San Francisco. I spend five days a week in the city, sometimes more, and I always stop if something catches my eye and attempt to photograph it in a way that conveys what I saw. 

Somehow, without realizing it, I’ve gotten away from fine art and gotten a lot more graphic and street wise eye. In my photography, that is. When I started this blog, I mainly envisioned it as a lot of writing and a little photography. But as it’s been evolving, I’m throwing a lot of photography in the mix. 

I recently started using Google Photo to back up my photos that are stored in my laptop. According to Google, I have over 30,000 photos in the laptop. I did some calculations based on how long I’ve had the laptop-I got it the summer of 2009-and since then have been really embracing cellphone photography, I have taken an average of 30 pictures a day.  Yeah. 

That’s a lot of pictures. Many are, naturally, photos of my cat. Don’t worry, I only post those on Instagram and Facebook. Hey, speaking of Facebook. I have a Page there that’s also called Crossing Market Street. I mainly use it to let non-blogworld savvy friends there have a way to look at my posts here. I also post a lot of San Francisco related news stories. Take a look sometime If you are so inclined. 

I come from a long line of San Francisco street (and streetcar) photogs, so I guess it’s in my blood. Or in the Stop Bath. (That’s a darkroom joke). Anyway, Google has been reaquainting me with a lot of street photos of San Francisco. It’s been nice. I got to thinking that I’d post some here, in between the essays and sometimes poetry I’ve posted here. 

So, get ready, photo fans. I’m embracing the street photog moniker and hitting the sidewalks.(And I’m dipping back into my archives, and maybe the family archives bit as well). Speaking of sidewalks in San Francisco: There sure are a lot of filthy sidewalks in the city. Well, that’s what happens when people are forced to do their business outside because the city, due to lack of planning, and a general disregard of anything that doesn’t generate money for them in City Hall, could give a shit where people do just that. And, incidentally, that’s where I draw the line with my photography. No homeless photography. You won’t see that here. Have some respect for people’s pride as they try to make their way in this world.

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  1. Well it is your blog, as you evolve so will your blog. It is a reflection of your life and if you enjoy picturing streets of SF then awesome. I recently started Street photography myself and use Instagram for that. I am more obsessed with black and white recently.

    Also, you can link the facebook page inside your post, do that. It makes finding your page easier. FYI: love the bus stop photo


    1. Thanks. Good idea about the link.

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