Another Morning, Another Commute

Friday morning, January 6th, 2017. 

They are calling it the calm before the storm, as a monstrous wet and windy storm is on its way tonight. But the real battle in the Bay Area today was getting the hell to San Francisco in time to clock in to work on time.

The last time our roving reporter had time to check in, it was Commute 100, Commuters three. Four if you want this reporter to be generous! 

In the Spirit of Winston Churchill, We will fight on to the end. But we will all be calling in late. 

Update: We have made it through the Yerba Buena Island tunnel, the City is in our sights. But this reporter wishes we’d all stayed home today. 

But, oh! That view when you emerge from the tunnel and you see the city still makes us all smile. Your reporter was among the smiling crowd. There is no denying that view is worth several millions of dollars.

But, lo! We approach the off ramp. Oh well, looks like I will only get a 30 minute lunch as penalty for getting in late. But, hey. I made it over the bridge, and in to San Francisco. That’s worth my lunch money three times over! 

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