Thoughts on Progress


Construction is everywhere in SOMA along Howard Street, Mission Street, Folsom Street, and I’m sure I’ve left one out. It really is everywhere.

Being surrounded by it has made me really get into it. A picture (or two, or three) a day documents the change in the tradition of my Grandpa Ralph. He made a project when he was about my age of documenting San Francisco when it was changing in the 1960s and 70s. He wanted a record of all the buildings that he feared would disappear with new construction happening then. The big scare then was the fear of “Manhattanization.” A lot of folks feared the new high rise construction that was happening at the time. 

Once this latest wave of new building calms down, San Francisco will look even more like somewhere else. I’m sure grandpa would still be able to find his way around though. He’d be the only guy out there shooting with a Rollei and a hand held light meter. I’d happily follow him with dad’s Mamiya. 

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