Three Generations of San Francisco Natives: Dad, Gramps and Myself

K. Demoro Photog is my photographer nom de shoot. I come from Ralph Wilkins, and Harre Wilkins Demoro’s darkroom of history. Grandpa grew up on Russian Hill, and he and Grandma (who grew up in the Mission), raised dad and Aunt Nancy in Oakland and Alameda.

These are the guys who raised me to know the City and its history. Both were local historians. Both were documentary photographers. I grew up learning about the unique history of the Bay Area, and they were the ones to put a camera in my hands and show me how to use it.

On Father’s Day, I look back over the years at these guys and thank them. They could have left me at home with mom or grandma when they went into the City, or out into the railroad yards of Oakland and beyond, but they didn’t. Along with family friend Vernon Sappers, an historian as well, I was a part of the history and photo op ride.

Thinking of all of three of these guys today, on Father’s Day. I bet Vernon took this picture of us Demoros.

Fun fact: we are standing in front of the street car that is now a part of the Market Street historic F Line. It’s, if I remember correctly, a car from Blackpool, England. I grew up hearing it refered to as the Boat Car. We rode and operated this and other historic rolling stock at Rio Vista Junction, in Rio Vista, up the Delta River an hour or so from San Francisco Bay.

Happy Father’s Day to these guys up in foamer heaven.

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