A New Way of Looking at an Old Stomping Ground

SOMA, San Francisco, March 2019

A new job in a different part of San Francisco has me taking many photos on the way to work. And it has me remembering what this part of town looked like in my early twenties, circa 1989 to 1995ish.

Things change, but the memory of what was there stays with me. The day I went for my interview, I took the 10 Townsend over to 7th and Townsend and walked over to the Design Center. The Caltrain station is about the only thing that seems to be just about the same as I last saw it.

I got the job, and now I walk from near the Caltrain station, I ride MUNI- the N Judah or the 10 Townsend- after getting off BART from the East Bay. I have adjusted to the architectural changes, but I’m still amazed by how many people now work in the area. When I worked here in the eighties, it was still a kind of no man’s land.

Now it’s a bustling tech community. I’m taking lots of photos, and wishing I thought to update this blog about the city I love a bit more often, as I’ve been commuting there since mid November of last year.

As the days grow longer, I will be photo walking after work a bit more. This will be a great way to rediscover my old stomping grounds.

And until next time, I will be taking more pictures and taking exploratory walks in SOMA/the East Cut/ whatever they call it now. One thing’s for sure, unless you know where the diner in the original Dirty Harry movie was, and remember the old McDonald’s, you’re not seeing the area the way I do.

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