SOMA Photowalk


SOMA has changed, whole blocks are new, yet some of the flavor I like to find there survives.

And some new life is changing this city once again.

I suppose I should get used to that, but I would rather walk the streets looking for glimpses of my past there. Even if it wasn’t all always pretty.

I am the only Demoro left in the city now, and I’m in my fifties (!!!!!) now.

I’m starting to understand that places change, but some of the best parts can remain if you know how to look for them.

Now that I’m back in the part of town I spent a lot of time in many years ago, I’m looking back.

But, Future, I see you too. And I see what you did there. The fog still rolls in when it’s time to head home, it just rolls around a little differently now. It’s got new things to roll over and past.

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