An Evening in Fairyland, or, She Takes Selfies in Le Grand Ballroom

Le Petit Trainon, or 3800 Washington Street in Presidio Heights, San Francisco was a visual and intellectual delight last night. It’s the 2019 San Francisco Design Showcase House, and a bunch of us went after work last night.

I had to remember to interact with the group of co-workers I arrived with, as well as to talk to people we met. It’s so easy for me to retreat behind my camera lens and to experience events at a distance.

That’s my social anxiety kicking in and reminding me to proceed with caution, human interaction ahead! But this was a good crowd, and I met people like myself, creative design and visual and highly verbal and everything else in between.

My experience in the grand ballroom has given me a short (ghost) story to plot my way through. And to think, this was a work related outing.

Who knew. I didn’t expect to spend an evening wandering through the rooms of a 1904 classic art nouveau mansion in the fancy part of town, having such a great experience.

I felt I could really be myself, and that maybe “my self” isn’t so eccentric after all, if you know the right people. This could be a thing. Onwards and upwards, then. Carpe Diem, y’all.

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