June Flags are Flying on Market Street

Another year has gone by, and it’s June in San Francisco. We’re going to fly our rainbow flags, and celebrate our LGBTQ friends and loved ones. I love a parade!

Transbay Thought

That moment when you’re on BART hurtling through the pitch black Transbay Tube, knowing that at the end of this 7-1/2 min ride, you will arrive. In San Francisco.

The Stairs at Britex Fabrics

More photos of the new Britex location soon. For now, here’s a shot of the stairs, looking down from the second floor.

Gump’s on Post Street

How do you describe Gump’s to someone who has no idea what this traditional San Francisco shopping place is? I say, it’s an inimitable emporium that delights all the senses at once! I lucked out and got to hang off a fire escape on Post Street and get this early Saturday morning shot. They’ve been…

Fire and Smoke

Yesterday I walked out of Walgreens on Market Street and I saw the smoke I was walking into. I’d seen the smoke from the North Bay fires in Napa, Santa Rosa, Calistoga, Glen Ellen, and points between, as I rode over the Bay Bridge that morning. And on Monday, I had been able to see…

Summer of Love Trading Cards Project

There are many of these up and down Market Street this summer.  Joan Baez, a Northern Californians’ girlhood heroine–My mom bought a guitar and tried her hand at singing like Joan. I remember being very young and listening to her albums, and Mom on her guitar. I gave the guitar to a boy I had…