Transbay Thought

That moment when you’re on BART hurtling through the pitch black Transbay Tube, knowing that at the end of this 7-1/2 min ride, you will arrive. In San Francisco.

Beale Street Blues

no more empty lots in South of Market San Francisco high rise buildings replaced them & more are coming soon Folsom Street ain’t what it once seemed where have all the outlaws gone

Ode to Market Street

 In honor of Market Street, and the last day of National Poetry Month. I sing a song of Market Street A place where San Franciscans meet your streetcar tracks your newspaper racks you’re roar of the four you’re south of the slot your brick sidewalks your MUNI stops you’re often discussed in tones of disgust…

Mornings in Oakland When I’m Remembering

Yeah, the 16th Street Station gets me every time I see it. I don’t see it as it is now, I see it as it was when I could get a chocolate milk and powdered donuts at the snack bar as we waited for the Southern Pacific engines to come by.  And I see the…

Civic Pride on the Rise

49ers/ Raiders conflict of interest or winner take all San Francisco/Oakland one in Santa Clara, blew off Candlestick-boom!  now it’s Vegas,  baby, silver & black huddles up to attack the Strip hey, Bay Area, it’s uncertain,  but now it’s time for football

Out on the Streets

Juxtaposed priorities on the side of a MUNI bus. San Francisco Mission Street, #14 route. Help the homeless find a home, support and offer hope. Rent apartments by the lake. Families squeezed by rising rents. Move on up to a bigger place. Can you imagine sleeping on cardboard, in a doorway, alone and in the…

The Unreachable City as Seen in a Dream

Poem after reading back through headlines from Hoodline and 48 Hills  over these past weeks this summer of 2016.Humor gets me through a lot these days.  Recap of last 3 month’s worth news: every place closing that we used to know new places look ugly and just built for show with all of our heads…