Summer of Love Trading Cards Project

There are many of these up and down Market Street this summer.  Joan Baez, a Northern Californians’ girlhood heroine–My mom bought a guitar and tried her hand at singing like Joan. I remember being very young and listening to her albums, and Mom on her guitar. I gave the guitar to a boy I had…

Pride 2017 Parade

It’s time for another Pride parade on Market Street! I can’t be there, and if you’re reading this, I guess you can’t be there either. So, here is the link to a live feed, courtesy of Channel 2 News. This is much better viewing than our President on Fox and Friends, friends!  Not to make…

Beale Street Blues

no more empty lots in South of Market San Francisco high rise buildings replaced them & more are coming soon Folsom Street ain’t what it once seemed where have all the outlaws gone

Rainy Day on Maiden Lane

Surprise! It drizzled all day in San Francisco on Thursday, just enough to freshen the air in time for a walking tour of downtown to enjoy the sights and stories of Maiden Lane. 

June 1st on Market Street

It’s June again! How does the year move so quickly? I captured this scene at Market and Kearney yesterday.  The rainbow flag flies near Lotta’s Fountain,  and in the background the stately Palace Hotel hovers. The Salesforce Tower stands with its head in the fog.   Even though it’s way back there in the background, the…