Transbay Thought

That moment when you’re on BART hurtling through the pitch black Transbay Tube, knowing that at the end of this 7-1/2 min ride, you will arrive. In San Francisco.

Another Morning, Another Commute

Friday morning, January 6th, 2017.  They are calling it the calm before the storm, as a monstrous wet and windy storm is on its way tonight. But the real battle in the Bay Area today was getting the hell to San Francisco in time to clock in to work on time. The last time our…

My BART: A Sort of Memoir about my Father

When my dad died in 1993, the BART Board of Directors sent a funeral flower wreath. It was in the shape of the BART logo. Really. A blue and white ba. My family was honored, but my cousins and I thought it was the ugliest thing we’d seen in a long time. Especially after my…

Summer Scenes on Market Street 

Market Street Transit Collage, Summer 2016. The Rainbow Flag Flies High in June, 2016 as the 38 Geary Passes.  Market Street Morning Alive With Commuters, Summer 2016. Heartbreak on Market as the Streetcar Passes by, Summer 2016.

A Walk Through Yerba Buena Gardens

It’s amazing what a difference it can make in your morning if you just walk a few blocks off of your normal path. I take a carpool car into the city from the East Bay, and usually walk down First Street over to Mission, then up to work across Market near Union Square. This morning…