An Evening in Fairyland, or, She Takes Selfies in Le Grand Ballroom

Le Petit Trainon, or 3800 Washington Street in Presidio Heights, San Francisco was a visual and intellectual delight last night. It’s the 2019 San Francisco Design Showcase House, and a bunch of us went after work last night. I had to remember to interact with the group of co-workers I arrived with, as well as…

Transbay Thought

That moment when you’re on BART hurtling through the pitch black Transbay Tube, knowing that at the end of this 7-1/2 min ride, you will arrive. In San Francisco.

The Stairs at Britex Fabrics

More photos of the new Britex location soon. For now, here’s a shot of the stairs, looking down from the second floor.

A Walk Through Yerba Buena Gardens

It’s amazing what a difference it can make in your morning if you just walk a few blocks off of your normal path. I take a carpool car into the city from the East Bay, and usually walk down First Street over to Mission, then up to work across Market near Union Square. This morning…