June Flags are Flying on Market Street

Another year has gone by, and it’s June in San Francisco. We’re going to fly our rainbow flags, and celebrate our LGBTQ friends and loved ones. I love a parade!

June 1st on Market Street

It’s June again! How does the year move so quickly? I captured this scene at Market and Kearney yesterday.  The rainbow flag flies near Lotta’s Fountain,  and in the background the stately Palace Hotel hovers. The Salesforce Tower stands with its head in the fog.   Even though it’s way back there in the background, the…

Summer Scenes on Market Street 

Market Street Transit Collage, Summer 2016. The Rainbow Flag Flies High in June, 2016 as the 38 Geary Passes.  Market Street Morning Alive With Commuters, Summer 2016. Heartbreak on Market as the Streetcar Passes by, Summer 2016.